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Complete activity calendar


Topic: “Together Again”

Workshop: “Introducing – Presenting”

Autumn Carnival

Mini City

Excursion … Zoo

Hosting the ISB American International School

Theater “Bosko Buha” – “Vasilisa prekrasna”


Topic: “Autumn knocked on Peekaboo’s door”

Workshop: “What Water Can Be Converted into”

Parental meetings: Day nursery group; Old kindergarten group; Parent meeting in

English for foreigners; Six-month reports on the development of a child by groups

We celebrate Children’s Week,

World Animal Protection Day (04.10.)

World Healthy Food Day (16.10)

Natural History Museum, visiting the exhibition “From Dusk ’till Dawn”

World Strolling Day, excursion to Kalemegdan fortress (18.10.)

Costume party (instead of Halloween) 31.10.


Topic: “Eating healthy, bravo, bravo”

Workshop: “Day at the Market”

Marking Week of Savings

World Clean Air Day (03.11.)

Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra – concert “Four Seasons”

Visit to the dentist – health checkup


Topic: “Who stole Santa’s mustache and beard?”

Workshop: “How to see happiness on the body?”

Workshop: “Let go of Fear”

Visit to the theater “Zvezdara Teatar”

2 general rehearsals in ZT

New Year’s humanitarian play – Zvezdara Theater,

New Year’s Celebration


Topic: “My country, my city, I’m talking about it now”

Workshop: “Children’s customs around the world”

Stories about Belgrade, Ksenija Ćirić

World Smile Day (10.01.)

Serbian New Year

Sveti Sava, School glory

Getting acquainted with Serbian customs

Workshop: baking a Slavic cake


Topic: Celebrities of Serbia and their works / discoveries

Workshop: “Tesla’s inventions, small researchers”

Darwin Day (12.02.)

Valentine’s Day (14.02.)

Winter and joys of snow in the open space

Hosting a curator from the Natural History Museum

Workshop: Introduction to Stuffed Animals

Workshop: culinary skills – making “proja”(corn bread), a traditional cuisine of Serbian cuisine


Topic: Bonton in my life

Workshop: “The King and the Seeds of Flowers”

Women’s Day (08.03.);

Spring Carnival (March 21, 2002)

World Water Day (March 22);

World Theater Day (27.03)

Introduction to Gestalt Therapy (Parent Club)


Topic: The world around me wakes up and changes

World Joke Day (01.04.)

Workshop: “There are hundreds of languages ​​in the world, but the smile speaks them all.”

First April party (competition games with parents)

Parental meetings: Nursery group; Old kindergarten group; Parent meeting in

English for foreigners; Six-month reports on the development of a child by group

Visit to elementary school,

International Children’s Day (02.04.);

World Health Day (07.04.)

Easter (20.04.);

Planet Earth Day (22.04),

Excursion “School is not a bogeyman” – Pedagogical museum

Preparing for Easter: Making Easter Hats

Bitef – performance – Yellow socks (11.4.)

Natural History Museum – History of Chocolate


Topic: “When I grow up I will be …”

Workshop: “What qualities possess … surgeon, astronaut, firefighter …”

International Day of Firefighters (04.02.)

International Biological Diversity Day (22.05.)

International Family Day (15.05.)

Inclusion in the Campaign to “Stop the physical punishment of children” and promote

Positive parenting

Visit of a pediatrician

Excursion – “Šuplja stena”


Topic: The sunflower is moving, the summer is coming

Workshop: “Where do they hide? Butterfly, spider, fly, grasshopper …”

International Children’s Day (01.06.)

World Environment Day (05.06.);

World Music Day (21.06.)

Swimming school

Summer camp

Excursions to Belgrade Cultural Monuments

Excursion to Viminacium, Roman city and fort


Topic: It’s nice that we are different

Workshop: “Yellow, black and white Children”

Ada Safari

Water games

Excursion to Avala

Workshop: “How to make ice cream?”

Summer outdoor party – cookies of the world

Humanitarian action – toys for every child


Topic: Peekaboo among the stars – KOSMOS

Workshop: “Peekaboo Launches a Rocket”

Visit to the Kalemegdan Observatory

Trip to the Ušće (Park at Sava’s and Danube’s conflueence)

Workshop: “What can a telescope do?”