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Parents corner

Peekaboo is open from 7.30 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays.

Registration is on throughout the year.

We provide four healthy and nurturing meals. The menu is supervised by our nutritionist, and the weekly content is put on the board, together with weekly bi/trilingual program.

Parents meetings are held three times a year (September, February, June) when we present a six months development reports and assessments.

However parents can always schedule meetings with teachers, psychologist, or other members of the staff.

Our professional team fosters intercommunication with parents and caretakers in order to be tuned in with children’s needs, new developments in their everyday lives so that we can together find the best way to keep protected and familiar setting they enjoy.

The practical stuff for parents…

Upon special request we can stay open until 9 pm
Fantastic space with a beautiful garden
Specifically adjusted trilingual program encourages children to thrive and develop
Children are active during the whole day
They go home full of impressions, tired and happy!

And most importantly, children have fun!

Adaptation period – First Days

Separation from home and close family setting is a very delicate moment in life of every child, and can be stressful for both the caretakers and child, but it can also be a period of exploration and excitement when the child joins his/hers friends of the same age and interests. It is vital to make this transition as normal as possible, with gentle guidance and lots of understanding for individual mental disposition of every child.
We do our best to motivate and inspire them to adapt to the new environment, using best tradition strategies, with full cooperation of the parents and caretakers.

The Team

Our professional and hardworking team has passed careful selection process and we make sure that they comply with the philosophy, vision and mission of Peekaboo.
We pride ourselves in providing strong customer service for parents.
With time, our Professional Staff has proved to be nurturing and enthusiastic, will give love and accept all children despite any type of diversity, is caring, is honest, respectful and is responsible for their guidance and actions.

The Team

  • 2 Serbian Teachers
  • 2 Serbian Pediatric Nurses
  • One English Teacher
  • One German Teacher
  • Artists (drama, music, painting)
  • Psychologist/psychotherapist
  • Speech therapist
  • Pediatrician
  • Dentist
  • Household Manager
  • Director

Sample Timetable of the day

This is me                      Me as a baby, Me today                   3rd week , example of one week                                                                                                                                                    




Topic work-Family meeting.
Circle time (singing, show & tell) English,Serbian and German lessons.

11:00 –11:25
Snack time.Fruits and vegetables.

Structured play inside (fine motor & cognitive skills)
English, Serbian and German lessons.

Outside play,in our yard.
English, Serbian and German lessons.


Relax time,listening classical music.

Guided activities.

Snack time.

Free activity (Dance lessons) and going home.