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Peekaboo is an early years center where learning and teaching is conducted through teacher-led and child-initiated activities.

Our mission is based on individual approach and appreciation of every child’s authenticity. That is the only way to follow the developmental phases in child’s life as well as to apply true guidance and evaluation tools. Every child is unique, has unique set of talents, responds to challenges and experiences differently, and has different wishes and needs. Our duty is to be able to recognize and nurture their talents and needs and treat them with love, respect and understanding of their feelings.

For every child process of growing up means that he or she will have to face some challenging and potentially painful situations. In order to cope with these situations, children need our love and support. We carry out our daily tasks highly motivated and eager to be there for them every step of the way. In order to achieve results through systematic efforts and to maintain quality of our service, we have established long term cooperation with a: psychologist, psychotherapist, speech therapist and pediatrician.

We guide and support each child’s holistic development by inculcating a creative and enquiring mind.

We work in harmony with the parents and other specialists for the positive development, progress and continuity of each and every child in our care.


Through play child is creatively directed to learn and develop positive aspects of their personality and adopt new knowledge about themselves and the world around.

Main method is learning through creative and structured game.

It is crucial to follow their inquiries, listen attentively and adapt to their needs. Our program is thus adapted to foster creative, social, intellectual and physical development. Through our creative workshops children play and investigate and discover the world around them.



Separation from home and close family setting is a very delicate moment in life of every child, and can be stressful for both the caretakers and child, but it can also be a period of exploration and excitement when the child joins his/hers friends of the same age and interests. It is vital to make this transition as normal as possible, with gentle guidance and lots of understanding for individual mental disposition of every child.

We do our best to motivate and inspire them to adapt to the new environment, using best tradition strategies, with full cooperation of the parents and caretakers.


Our professional and hardworking team has passed careful selection process and we make sure that they comply with the philosophy, vision and mission of Peekaboo.

We pride ourselves in providing strong customer service for parents.

With time, our Professional Staff has proved to be nurturing and enthusiastic, will give love and accept all children despite any type of diversity, is caring, is honest, respectful and is responsible for their guidance and actions.


  • 2 Serbian Teachers
  • 2 Serbian Pediatric Nurses
  • 2 English Teachers
  • 1 German Teacher
  • Artists (drama, music, painting)
  • Psychologist/psychotherapist
  • Speech therapist
  • Pediatrician
  • Dentist
  • Household Manager
  • Director